Every ASMR video deals with "triggers", which is the word used for the positive sensation of tingling and relaxation you recieve when watching and/or listening to an ASMR video. Usually, every video is a combination of different sounds and triggers to help acheive optimum relaxation.

This page documents the common triggers people experience in the community and lead to their pages for more information and examples.

List of TriggersEdit


The 'original' ASMR trigger to be featured on YouTube, the sound of whispering kick-started the ASMR community. Earlier videos are likely to be titled 'Whisper' as opposed to ASMR, but nonetheless act as ASMR triggers, also known as 'whisper chills'.

Soft talkingEdit

Scratching and TappingEdit

Personal attentionEdit

Ear brushingEdit

Visual ASMREdit

Although originally seen as an auditory phenomena, videos featuring rhythmic movements, often of the hands, have become very popular, either silent or accompanied by speech. Optical illusions such as stroboscopics or "the wagon wheel effect" (watching the phantom shadow of spinning fan blades or wheel spokes speeding up, stopping, or going in the opposite direction) can be a trigger as well. Watching movement such as travelling in a car and seeing the road at an angle coming toward you may be another example of visuals that may trigger the pleasure centers as ASMR.

Teaching and/or InstructionEdit

One-to-one role-plays are also hugely popular, with videos teaching languages, origami, cooking and modelling with various media being amongst many available. Many such videos may fall into the category of 'accidental ASMR', videos not specifically made as ASMR triggers but which nonetheless trigger ASMR. Of particular note are the videos of Bob Ross, a famed American painter renowned for his soft speaking voice.

Mouth soundsEdit

Ambient soundsEdit

Trigger wordsEdit


Smelling certain scents can give you ASMR. Sometimes the scents can be something you remember from childhood, or maybe a cologne or candle that highly appeals to your senses.