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My first memorable experience of ASMR was when I was about 14 (I'm now 22). I was sitting in class at school and my friend came over, kneeled down beside my desk and started writing a poem. She wrote slowly and carefully. I thought I was a weirdo, because I was getting tingles, the same feeling as when someone plays with your hair or tickles your back, but my classmate wasn't touching me at all.

Within the last year, I began watching massage videos because it made me feel as though I was getting a massage myself in a way, and other people had commented on those videos saying the same thing. Then for some reason I clicked on a 'soft spoken ear, nose and throat doctor roleplay' and entered the world of ASMR!

Now when I'm lonely or stressed or tired, I watch all my favourite ASMRtists crinkling plastic bags, opening parcels of mail and tapping on and scratching their leather couches! They give me tingles from head to toe, and they become familiar faces that really comfort you too.


My reason for loving ASMR Hello My Name Is Aiden And I Discovered ASMR When I Did a Google Search For Asymmetric Warfare I Started To Spell Out The Letters As And One of The Pre-Spelled Searches Was ASMR And As Curious As a Little Kitty Cat I Clicked On The Search Option And Was Linked To Dozens of Videos I Clicked On Olivia's Kissper ASMR Video ALIEN ABDUCTION for men: Binaural ASMR EAR cleaning, eye testing & examination Assuming It Was Another Contactee's Experience With Aliens But Was Actually an ASMR Role Play And I Felt Tingles Run Through My Body It Was The Most Wonderfull Experience I Ever Had

A long long time ago, in a land forgotten by humans, there was a turtle that always enjoyed listening to the other turtles talk. The elder always told the best stories, but no matter howmanny times the little turtle heard them he always wanted more. When the elder passed on no one wanted to talk to the little turtle because the little turtle always sat eagerly listening to every word as if it was food to him and that made the other turtles feel uncomfortable. Eventually the little turtle found a place he could call home with manny manny other turtles that love talking, and he loves listening to them over and over. Seriously though I have trouble talking face to face with people but I can type anything with out even thinking about it, but I do really love listening to other people talk. Started when I was about 5 years old.